Swing Dress #2

Ok...I just have to get this off my chest, even though it is totally unrelated to this post.  Chlorine really makes your hair very brittle.  Can you see the frizz?  Anyone have any tips for a swimmer on how to keep my hair from getting extremely dry?

So, back to what this post is really supposed to be about...my second attempt at using the Sense and Sensibility swing dress pattern.  I had some gorgeous William Morris style fabric in my stash that I purchased about three years ago.  I love the arts and crafts movement, and this fabric is so beautiful, but I could never imagine what it should be used for.  Pillows?  Curtains?  Skirt?  Jacket?  Dress?

I finally decided on a dress, and I love the cut of the S&S swing dress on me.  I did alter the pattern a bit.  I used the pattern for the front bodice just as it was, but cut the waist band straight instead of curved.   I also shortened the back bodice, and added a similar waist band to that.  I shorted the sleeves quite a bit.  And finally, this is the most obvious alteration, I didn't use the skirt pattern at all.  Instead, I took two full widths of the fabric, sewed them together along the side seams, and gathered the panels at the top before stewing the skirt into the waist band.

This was the best back shot of the dress that I could get.  Sorry.  I was worried that the Morris style print would look a bit busy on any article of clothing, but I rather like it here.

The pattern's intent was a 1940's style dress, but I wanted my dress to look a little more 1950's.  Does it feel 50's to you?  I'm quite pleased with it.

I tried modernizing, or embellishing, or what-have-you with a cardigan and belt.  The dress accessorizes well, I think.  I do believe that the S&S swing dress pattern is probably one of my favorite pattern purchases.  I've loved using it both times, and the cut really flatters my figure without many (if any) sizing alterations needing to be done.

Well, one more stash busting project checked off the list. 


Abigail said…
This dress looks amazing on you! I think the fabric and the style of dress are great together... and the accessories really pull it together.

As for swimmer's hair - I used two kinds of conditioners when I swam... both were the super-moisturizing kind. It helped... some.
Jenni said…
Thanks, Abbi! Miss seeing you around...
Shannon said…
Wow! Really, really great job.

Carys said…
I love the shape and print of that dress!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue
Anonymous said…
Very cool, Jenni!
The fabric really goes with the cut, I think.


Persuaded said…
Adorable dress!

Nowwww.... about the hair... have you ever tried coconut oil? It is the best thing ever for dry hair. It's a solid but liquefies at a low temp (maybe mid 70's?) Put a teensy smidge on the palm of one hand, rub your hands together, then run your hands through your hair. Start with only the merest amount, because just a little bit goes a very long way. Not only will it make your hair look smoother and shinier, it actually makes your hair healthier long term and much less prone to breakage:-D
Jenni said…
Persuaded....Thank you, thank you, sooooooo much. That's an idea I can see myself using. :0)
Nabila Grace said…
oh gracious me you look amazing!!!!!! LOVE the dress and everything! :oD how is your hair working out so far? If your still having trouble with it let me know and I'll see if I can help ;o)

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