18th Century Market Fair: 2011

Yesterday was blissful!  The weather was a perfect, crisp 65 degrees, with a breezy, and puffy cloud filled sky.  It was also the annual 18th c. Market Fair at Locust Grove in Louisville, KY, which meant that I got to experience that beautiful weather in the context of the sights and sounds of an 18th c. market.  Even better...I spent the day with my daughter Jane, my dear friend Laura, the lovely Natalie and her two adorable boys, Noah and Christopher. 

Even though we ended the day watching the mock Revolutionary war battle, I will begin my pictorial journey with the skirmish.  Here you see the (diminished) Kentucky frontiersmen (aka - the Rebels) holding their own against...du-du-dun...

...the dreaded British!! (and Scottish, and Germans, and...)  Somehow, even though the British (and friends) outnumbered the Rebels 2 to 1 and owned a cannon (and bagpipes), the "Americans" triumphed.  Of course.

Seriously though, it was all very educational, (and yet I can't remember the name of the battle being portrayed).  It seems like such a "slow," and legalistic way to battle...nothing like today's wars.  Jane loved it, but asked many questions, in a very concerned voice, about why they were shooting at each other, and why people were falling down.  I explained to her that it was a pretend battle, and that they were just acting, which seemed to satisfy her.  It didn't satisfy me...

There was one area where the kids could learn about 18th century toys (without bringing out thoughts of war and death).  They sincerely enjoyed this discovery time.

Jane met one little girl her age.  They enjoyed playing Graces together.

Of course, since it was a market fair, there was a boucou amount of goods to see and buy (or, sadly, not to buy).  Jane begged and pleaded for one of these adorable little wool sheep.

I mean, seriously...who wouldn't!  Aren't they so cute!?

I saw the Crown Point Bread Co. pull up their horse and wagon, and almost before they could set up their shop of rustic bread and creamy white cheddar cheese...

I was begging and pleading for some.  What is it about hearty bread and rich cheese that makes me go weak in the knees?  Do they do that to you too?

I can't pass up this shop, the 96 District Storehouse. 

One step inside, and I'm in 18th century fabric heaven.

At one point in the day, we sat down to drink some hot cider and watch a group of dancers learning a new 18th century dance.  They called out to the audience, inviting anyone to join them who would like to learn the dance too.  Guess who raised her hand?  (Hint: It wasn't me.)

Yes...Jane wanted to join in the dancing.  She stayed in the dance for a good 10 or 15 minutes, led around by the young lady in the striped skirt.  I couldn't have been more proud.

I purchased a couple of bars of organic, scented soaps from Simple Soapworks.  They are one of my favorite soap makers ever...seriously.  If you don't get the chance to see them in person at a market fair, you can purchase their products on the web.  If photographs and computer monitors had scent capability, you would know why I'm in love with this soap.

Another gorgeous, handmade item that I bought...a silk, hand-block-printed scarf.

From the 96 District Storehouse, I bought this salmon colored linen to make into a new dress for Jane.  She's already outgrown the white one I made for her this past Spring.  Jane picked the color out herself.

I also bought this sheer, linen/cotton blend for myself.  The color is gorgeous, and the airy feel to it will be perfect for next year's summer festivals.  Now, if only I could figure out the gown it wants to be...more on this later.

Jane's wool sheep...
It is the simple things in life that make us happy.

Here's a little clip of Jane dancing.  Enjoy!


Sounds like you've all spent a perfect day out! Wish we'd have such markets close by...sigh...
I really enjoyed your pictures! That's autumn at it's best!

Nabila Grace said…
Now that looks like fun! I love the sheep! I know Ayden would have fallen all over himself to get one of those. :o) Great colors of fabric! Wish I could have come and hung out for the day!

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