My Husband's Regency Attire

I am planning on making my husband, and my friend Laura's  husband complete outfits for the Jane Austen Festival this summer put on by JASNA  in Louisville. 
The fabric is in, the shirts are made, and now, I'm on to the Waistcoat, Trousers and Frock Coat.  I wanted to post some pictures that are inspirations to me in this project.  Laura is posting on her blog about her inspiration for fabric choices, so I will comment only on my husband's attire at this point.
This picture is the inspiration for the outer Frock Coat.  It's double breasted Navy Blue wool with a contrasting collar in deep blue velvet.

This painting is the inspiration for the Waistcoat (the vest).  It is also double breasted and will be made with Ivory Silk Voile on the front and facing, but lined in linen.  Also, the back will be made with linen too, for ease of wear in the summer heat.

I've considered making the breeches in this painting as well.  However, the ones he is wearing in this portrait are leather riding breeches, and I'm definitely not making leather breeches.  The color is very similar, though, to the wool I will be using.  If I go with breeches instead of trousers, my husband's will look like the riding breeches above.  If not, then they will look like the trousers below.  Breeches will be much more difficult, because I will have to alter the pattern quite a bit.

The patterns I'm using can be found herehere and  here.


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