Meet our new Kittens!

Meet 5 month old Sabina, and 11 week old Owen! Both are black and long haired, but Sabina has a white diamond on her chest, and Owen has charcoal grey tips on the fur on his cheeks and belly.

We've wanted another cat for a long time, but with our older cat, Zimu, other adult cats just haven't worked out, she's cranky and they fight her. Our vet recommended we get a pair of kittens. Kittens are less territorial and set in their ways, and two will keep each other entertained and not bother her. So far, Zimu has been a bit grumpy and hisses when the kittens get too close, but for the most part, all has been well. The kittens just stay out of her way and play with each other. They've become best mates.

The local Humane Society had a kitten/cat adoption sale last week...only $5 per feline! It was the perfect time for us to find these little ones. We spent 4 hours at the animal shelter, playing with kittens, trying to find the ones that played well with each other, and bonded well with us. Jane picked out the little boy Owen (and named him), and then we found the little girl, and Carson suggested the name Sabina (I liked it and thought it fit her perfectly). We didn't initially want black cats, let alone two of them, but their personalities won us over.

Sabina is a curious little girl, although a little shy at first. She's claimed me as her human, and begs quite often to be held. Owen is possibly one of the most complacent, docile cats I've ever seen. I think he might have a bit of the Rag Doll cat in him. He's sweet, purrs almost all the time, and is floppy (if that makes any sense) and relaxed always. Jane carries him around like a doll everywhere, and he is content letting her.
We are in love with our new babies!

I've shot a short video of them...please excuse the silly music, it was either that, or the sound of a cartoon in the background. Jane thought the music sounded like cats singing, so that's what we went with!


ZipZip said…
Oh Jenni, Carson, Autumn,

You rescued two *adorable* kittens! Black kitties can be hard to adopt out, so you have given the two little ones a big blessing. Now they are safe, and should lead long, happy lives with you.

Muffin and Ladybug congratulate Owen and Sabina. What great names, by the way.

I can't wait to see them!!!!!!


Jenni said…
You know what, the Humane Society worker said the exact same thing about the kittens being black. She said (with shock and excitement on her face, and glee in her voice) "TWO BLACK kittens?! Oh, aren't you a blessing! No one ever wants the black kittens! Oh bless you! Two!"
The Dreamstress said…
Oh, aren't they just darling! What gorgeous wee kitties! I don't understand the dislike of black cats - I think they are just beautiful. But then, all cats are beautiful, and like you, I believe in picking cats based on their personality. I do love calicos, but we would have taken Felicity no matter what she looked like, because she had exactly the right personality for our lifestyle, and for a single-cat family.

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