Historical Sew Fortnightly: Challenge #13: Lace and Lacing

Sooooo, I'm over a week late on the Historical Sew Fortnightly Event: Challenge #13: Lace and Lacing.  I've good reason for being distracted.  My Dad recently had open heart surgery.  Spending time with him and my Mom was priority.  Also, I've been painting rooms in our new house, and diligently trying to finish up the stairs (we ripped out old carpet, which resulted in weeks worth of scraping old carpet glue off of the hard wood, sanding and staining.)  So, I'm going to make this post a brief one.  It doesn't take much of an explanation for this garment anyway...it's a simple piece.

I've been in need of a new Regency era petticoat (specifically a bodiced one) for quite a while now.  When I recently saw this Original Petticoat from the National Trust Collection I new I'd found the one I wanted to make.  As far as lace and lacing goes...I do feel a bit like I'm cheating.  I mean, really, the lacing is so minimal...does it really even count?  Well, here it is anyway, a VERY PLAIN, linen, bodiced petticoat (that stretches a bit and feels and smells like it might have some raw silk in it, even though the company advertised it as 100% linen.)  The front skirt falls open at the side seams about 6 inches, and has cotton tape attached to the top corners at the side seam, and ties in the back.  The bodice, obviously, laces in the front.  It's incredibly easy to put on. 

Just the Facts

The Challenge: Lace and Lacing, Bodiced Petticoat

Fabric: Linen (supposedly)

Pattern: Hand draped and drafted

Year: Circa 1800

Notions: Thread, 1/4" cotton tape, embroider floss

How historically accurate is it? I assume it is very accurate...period extant piece inspiration, hand sewn, correct materials and construction.

Hours to complete: Oh, I don't know...I think I will stop answering this question from now on.

First worn: Will be soon... (Jane Austen Festival, KY, here I come!)

Total cost: A little over $10


I'm so happy to see that you've picked this version of the bodiced petticoat!
It turned out lovely and I'm looking forward to hearing how comfortable it is when you'll wear it at the Jane Austen Festival!
Hope we'll see this type of petticoat more often :)

ZipZip said…
Dear Jenni,

Very best to you and your family, and hoping your dad is mending well.

Ooooohhhh, easier to put on and to wear than the back-lacing kind! Looks really neat, Jenni!

Should be comfortable for wear in the heat. Am beginning to wonder if we're going to have a scorcher at the JA festival this year. You're smart to plan for it.

Very best,


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