Historical Sew Fortnightly: Challenge #9: Flora and Fauna: Capote Restyled

I've fallen a little bit off of the sewing wagon...but I have a good excuse.  I am slowing inching my way back into the Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenges...beginning with Challenge #9: Flora and Fauna.  Below, I've posted several c.1800 fashion plates that I found on Dames a la Mode.  They were the inspiration for my project: My Capote, restyled, turban inspired, and sporting an ostrich feather.

A darling, blue velvet turban, trimmed in white, and with a curving ostrich feather.

Another turban, sporting a single ostrich feather.


Capote styled like a turban.

A couple more fashion plates that inspired me can be found HERE and HERE.  Both of these are sporting chin straps...and after wearing my turban styled capote (it's very heavy and slides off of my head easily,) I can see why a strap would be useful.  I might have to add one later.

Once I found the inspiration, it was easy to transform my Capote.  I turned up the front brim, and twisted, pleated, folded and pinned the fabric into place until I got the shape I wanted.  What makes this hat acceptable to the Flora and Fauna challenge?  The bonnet is made of hemp straw (flora), the fabric is linen (also flora), the white trim is silk (fauna) and the ostrich feather (obviously fauna.)

Just the Facts
The Challenge: Flora and Fauna: Capote refashioned turban style.

Fabric: Linen

Pattern: None, draped.

Year: c.1800

Notions: Thread, silk trim, ostrich feather

How historically accurate is it? The design, notions and fabric are accurate to the period.  It is hand sewn, but I'm not sure the construction is what they would have done...I sort of winged it as I went.

Hours to complete: About 2.

First worn: Today, but only for the photo shoot.

Total cost: Free, sort of...everything was from my stash, so I didn't purchase it now, but at some point I did.  Maybe $8?


ZipZip said…
Jeepers, Jenni, the capote turned out so well! The curving ostrich feather, the coloring, wow!

Very best,

I love it! I think very early 1800s headwear is under-represented among Regency costuming/sewing, so it's great to see any - but this is a fantastic example! I love the feather, too. That really finishes it off.
So cute! And it absolutely matches the examples on the fashion plates...early 19th century headwear was almost as funny as the late 1810s...

Loni said…
Hi Jenni, I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Liebster Blog award! You can read all about it at my blog here: http://clearwatercottage.blogspot.com/2013/04/liebster-award-nomination.html I just love reading about your adventures in sewing! ~Loni

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