Historical Sew Fortnightly: Challenge #0

 The Historical Sew Fortnightly event, Challenge #0: Starting Simple, hosted by The Dreamstress was due yesterday.  Technically, I was finished with my project by 9:00pm last evening...so, I just barely made it in time for the challenge.  But, the lighting wasn't good enough to take pictures of my project, so, I'm posting today.  So sorry for my tardiness.

  Happy New Year, by the way!
I really thought that making a cape would be a "starting simple" kind of project.  But, it was actually a lot of hand sewing to do.  Granted, it was cut simply, and had no crazy seams or fiddly buttons, etc, but the hand sewing just went on and on for days...straight seams, and nothing fun.  

I'm not even sure I'm that pleased with it.  I mean, it's a plain, wool, working class cloak...meant only to keep a body warm.  Nothing special. But, it did ease me back into the historical sewing world...which, of course, was the whole point.

I'm looking forward to the next Challenge.  The challenge is due on January 14th.  I'm making a spencer from 1813...and it's made of velvet!  Now THIS I am excited about!

Just the facts, Ma’am:

The Challenge: Starting Simple: A late 18th century cloak.

Fabric: Wool broadcloth, lined in the hood with block printed cotton, and lined in the cape with linen.

Pattern: None, I draped it.  But the over all shape of the cloak was inspired by the one in
Costume Close-up 1750-1790 (and several other capes throughout the cyber-museum sphere: namely here, here, here, here, herehere and here.)

Year: Late 18th century - early Regency

Notions: Cotton thread, two hooks and eyes

How historically accurate is it?  Very historically accurate, I hope.  It's completely hand sewn, using period techniques, and using appropriate fabrics.

Hours to complete: About 10 or 15???? (I'm guessing here...next time I will have to keep track.)

First worn: I haven't worn it yet.

Total cost: $40 (Also guessing here...as all of the fabric came from my stash, and was bought months or years ago.)


Stephanie Lynn said…
Lovely! Can't wait to see your HSF pieces all year long!
lahbluebonnet said…
It's a nice cloak. If you want to spiff it up you can always add fur trim. That is still period accurate.
Dear Jenni,

Happy New Year!
It's wonderful to see that the Historical Sewing Fortnightly concept is working so well for you!
The woolen cape is lovely and I love that it's handsewn!
Hopefully winter will come, so you can wear this garment on a stroll through the snow (and take some more pictures)

ZipZip said…
Dear Jenni,
I think it's handsome and love the color. A little bit of trim and I bet it goes upscale, too...


Jenni said…
Thank you, ladies. I agree that a little trim would do a world of good to this Plain Jane. ;) Someday, when I have a larger budget, I shall dress up the ol' gal!

Sabine, we've had some beautiful snow the past few days, but the cape wasn't finished and now the snow is melting. Hopefully we will get some more snow before the winter is finished, and then I will have a chance to take some pictures of me wearing the cloak outside.
Isis said…
I like it! The colours are very nice and the drape as well!

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