2012 Jane Austen Festival - Louisville

Here it is...the moment you have been waiting for...  The 5th annual Jane Austen Festival of Locust Grove is complete.  I am really tired, so I will let most of the pictures do the talking.  But, I will say that this year was a much, much cooler temperature, and therefore, a much easier time was had for all.  I do believe the over-all atmosphere of the festival was more relaxed (or maybe I am just feeling more comfortable).  I think there were nearly double the participants, and a good percentage more of them were dressed out this year. The amount of vendors was tripled from last year, making shopping a thrill.  Tea was outstanding.  Friends were abundant.  Entertainment was delightful and around every corner.  

My fan painting workshop was, from what I hear, a success.  I heard comments such as "relaxing," "zen-like," and "fascinating."  All good things, I think.  Once I had everything set up and ready to go, I really wasn't nervous at all.  My teaching instincts kicked into gear.  I managed to do both classes without spilling any paint on my gowns...something I was extremely proud of, considering how much of a klutz I am.

Enjoy the images!

My favorite vendors, Regency Revisited.

One of my favorite events added this year, was the boxing demonstration...also known as Pugilism.  I was gasping and huzzahing with the best of them.  I LOVED it!  Maybe I am not the lady I thought I was...I am sure it's my working class roots showing.  Anyway, let the Pugilism begin!

On to more feminine pursuits...shopping.  I purchased a writing box, something that I've been wanting for a long, long time.  I just love it to pieces.

Jane got a ring toss game.

And, of course, what would a historic festival be, without purchasing some new fabric.  There must always be the promise of a new outfit.  Regency Revisited did it to me again...I gave into the temptation and bought this gorgeous, blue, cotton velvet.  A spencer, or a cape, perhaps?

And I also bought this vintage sari, in hopes of a new ball gown. Yum!

As promised, here are pictures of me in my 1803 drop front gown.  I wore this the first day of the festival, and was very comfortable and cool.  I might rework the front bodice, as I do NOT like the way it lays. 

For some strange reason, maybe the heat of last year, I decided against hats this year, and went with simple turban/bandeau styles to cover my head.

Here I am with Jane on the second day.

I think Jane has grown about 8 inches in the past year, and her white gown was no longer appropriate in length.  I discovered this Saturday night, when I got home and decided last minute that Jane and Carson would attend with me on Sunday.  So, half asleep, I whipped up a long gown out of linen for Jane, and put the old dress over that, sort of like a pinafore.  It worked for the time being, although the sewing job was horrendous, and done on the machine.  Jane was, of course, the highlight of the day for most people.  I can't count how many time we were stopped so that people could take pictures of her.

There are more pictures of the day on my Facebook page, and if you are not friends with me on Facebook, I invite you to be.  Look for me as Jenni Cole Miller.  Also, I've started Tweeting...gasp!, I've gone over to the dark side!...and have posted a link to the Boxing event that took place on my Twitter page (Hahaha!) on my Twitter page of the Boxing event that took place at the festival.  Please follow me @JenniMiller79.  And there are also more pictures(not mine) of the event on the Graphic Enterprises website.  I am already looking forward with much anticipation to next year's festival!


Lauren R said…
What a lovely time! You look absolutely beautiful in your perfect Regency gowns. <3
Dear Jenni,

Thanks sooooo much for sharing those two beautiful days with us! Everything seems to be perfect and it is such fun to go through the pictures galore!

Issy said…
Wow the whole weekend looks like it was amazing. I really want to go the the Festival - hopefully I will make it one day. Thank you for posting the fabulous photos.

Oh and I love your sleeveless spencer. :)
Jenni said…
Thank you, ladies. It certainly was a wonderful weekend. I wish you could have been there. Wouldn't it be fabulous if someday all of us could come together dressed out?! What an event that would be!
ZipZip said…
Dear Jenni,
Oh, oh! What a happy, happy, happy, relaxed tike you had. It's so clear in each photo. Am very happy about that!

If only I'd been able to go. It was so quiet here. Did spend some time with DH, which was lovely, so that sort of makes up for it, but still....

Again, happy post! Thank you for sharing!

Donna said…
I have almost caught up with your blog, having just discovered Living with Jane. I love your outfits in theses pictures, very flattering I thought. Beautiful family!

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