It finally snowed!!!

We have had such a mild winter around here, with only a couple days of a light dusting of snow in January.  It's March now, almost Spring, and I'd nearly given up on seeing any real accumulation of snow. 

 But, this morning we woke up to a glorious 4 inches of fluffy white snow.  It's clinging to the tree branches, beautifully frosting the atmosphere. 

We are relishing this treat, Jane especially.  

We know it won't last long. Weather men are predicting 60 degree weather in a couple of days.  Crazy weather.

So proud of her work.  This happy little guy will be here today and gone tomorrow.  We will enjoy it while we can!


Snow in March! Over here it already feels a bit like spring with lots of sunshine, but maybe Winter's still lurking around the corner!
It's fun to see how much your daughter enjoys the Winter Wonderland :)


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