My Hair

 I love my long curly hair, but for quite awhile now my hair and I have been at war.

Because of all of the swimming I've been doing it's starting to get brittle and there are split ends everywhere.  It's also impossibly tangled almost all of the time.  Since I have curly hair, brushing it out only makes it frizzy.  I usually just run my fingers through my hair, and it's reached the point that this just isn't working out for me.  I admit hair is very unhealthy. was time for a change...and even though I don't typically like change, when I finally do decide on a change, I usually swing pretty extreme.  What I'm trying to say is, I wanted it all gone.  Well, at least most of it.

I found an image on pinterest that I fell in love with.  It reminded me of some of the Titus cuts in Regency fashion plates.  It was sculptural, feminine (for a short hair cut), beautiful, and calling my name.  My only fear was that it wouldn't look sculptural, feminine, and beautiful on me.  My hair grows very slowly, so I've been thinking about this cut for quite a while...deliberating...changing my mind back and forth...over and over again. 

But...finally...I went for it anyway...and whether or not you or I think it has turned out as beautiful as the inspiration image, it is done. 

Without further ado...

...I present to you, my new hair.

Over-all, I really like the hair cut.  I think it could have been cut a little bit longer in the front, and my hair isn't as full as the hair on the model in the picture.  There is something about certain hair styles that affect your mood, don't you think?  My long hair, although fun to play with, was making me feel weighed down, even a little frumpy or...I don't I was hiding behind my hair or something.  This shorter, curly, semi-pixie cut makes me feel happy, spunky, creative and free.  I miss not being able to braid my hair, wear a long, side pony tail, or put it up in a bun.  It's sometimes hard when I wake up, look in the mirror, and realize I can't really do anything differently to my hair.  Possibly, a head band or a barrette...but other than that, nothing.  In a way though, not having to think too hard about it, or choose which style will look best with the outfit I'm wearing that day, it's a little bit freeing.  But, on days when I morn the loss of my long hair,  I console myself with this thought...I'm giving the hair that I cut off to Locks of Love ...a noble cause.


You look GORGEOUS!!! That haircut looks perfect on you and the colour is beautiful :)

Sarah Jane said…
Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! It looks wonderful and springy and just so absolutely perfect on you. BEAUTIFUL!
Julia Brown said…
Wow, you look so beautiful! The haircut totally suits you! Good job- it takes courage to cut off all your hair, and not many people can pull it off! (I certainly couldn't!)
Jenni said…
Thank you, so much, ladies. I'm not much of a risk taker...but for some reason, this just seemed like the right risk to take. I'm glad to hear you think it was the right choice! :)
Stephanie Lynn said…
I think it looks lovely! Play around with it some! I find short hair to be very versatile. You just have figure out how to work your own cut.
Vintage Girl said…
It's great! I love that it's longer in the front and the curl is sweet! I understand how hard it is to have long hair. It's truly beautiful!
Your curly hair is so pretty! =)
Lisette said…
It looks really fantastic. Being someone who generally has longer hair I understand the frustration of not being able to do much with short hair, but just look at it as a little hair vacation!
Carys said…
I love it, it really suits you!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue
Lady D said…
You may not agree, but you are so lucky to have naturally curly hair. That hair cut suits you. And you'll find hair washing takes a fraction of the time it once did.

My hair is dead straight, and it takes industrial strength products plus 24 house in curlers to get a curl that will las longer than an hour. Plus my hair grows really quickly.

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