Snowshill Quilted Jacket: Construction, Part 1

I thought you might like an update on the Snowshill Jacket.  It SHOULD have been finished by now, but I'm not finding the time to work on it like I thought I would. 

(The front reallly looks a mess right now...sorry.  It is all part of the lining, and since that isn't attached yet to the shell, and since I don't have the front closures decided on, well...)

All of the quilting and trapunto is finished, and the majority of the construction stage is now complete.  The outer shell is done, with the hood attached.  The lining is also sewn together, and I'm sewing the sleeves on today.
(The lined hood.)

What's left then is what I always struggle with on projects...the finishing touches.  I have to attach the lining to the shell (The Snowshill jacket description in Patterns of Fashion says "the lining is made up first and...the quilted jacket is then stitched together and mounted on top of the lining."  I take this to mean it is similar to a bag lining.)  I also have to prick-stitch around the collar/lapel, hem the bottom edge, finish off the sleeve cuffs, and figure out a "modern" closure system for the false front.  Why do I detest finishing things?  Starting a project is exciting and lovely...but...wrapping things up is torture to me.

(My favorite part of the jacket!)

I'm really pleased with the results thus far, and I'm very proud of all of the hand stitching I've done on it.  (Confession:  the major back/side seams are done by machine because I plan on wearing this as an every day, modern jacket, and I wanted the extra strength.)  If only I could stop time for a few hours and finish up this baby...the Autumn chill is already starting to creep in.



Your jacket is really beautiful - one of the most stunning "everyday garments" I can imagine!!!

Isis said…
Indeed, you should feel very proud- it's beautiful! I look forward to see it finished!
Laura said…
Argh, I know what you mean about not finding the time. And the finishing work always seems the most tedious. But it is looking really great! You have inspired me to do a wimp's version with a matelasse bedspread that I love, but don't need for any of my beds. I can't wait to see yours finished.
Nabila Grace said…
oh gracious it's gorgeous! I love the back of it as well. From what I have seen so far my favorite as well! ;o)

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