Spring is here, as well as spring break for me.  And as I was potting herbs on our covered, screened back deck, I notice that there was a young Robin family building a nest in one of our fur trees that grow just on the other side of our screens. 

 I know nothing about Robins, but it appeared to me that the mother was happily eating bugs and worms in the grass below, padding her already wide gerth, while the father was the one busily gathering bits of twigs, grass and moss. 

His nest building skills were impressive. There was a sort of rythmic pattern about it all.  He would bring the twig to the nest, poke the middle of it into the side of nest, then pull down the ends, one at a time, always the right side first then the left, and tuck them under the existing twigs.  Very much like weaving.  It looks just like a little basket.  But, before he took off to find more, he would squat down in the nest, use his chest to push against one side while fluffing his feathers and kicking his feet on the other side.  I can only suppose that he was tightening his work.  You can see him doing this in the picture below. 

Very soon there will be eggs.
It is a delight for us to be able to watch this display of nature from such a prime viewing spot. Though I think it is rather unfortunate for the young family because I'm sure we will be a bother to them.

(sorry the pictures are so was hard to get a good shot through the screens!)


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