more craft fair creations

A couple more things that I've made for the May Arts and Craft Fair in Madison, IN.

#1 A VERY Fussy Purse. (I almost tossed it in the bin before I was finished with it.)

#2 A Reversable Apron, with what I hope has a Retro feel to it...(The ribbon at the waiste is temporary. I didn't have time to make a trip to the store today for the ribbon I plan on using as the waistband, and I was so pleased with the apron that I wanted to get a picture of it and post it right away.  So, I borrowed one of my daughter Jane's ribbons and pinned it in place for the photo.)

The apron was a lot more fun to make, because it is much more along the lines of clothing design, which is what I enjoy most.  Purses-smurses...blah!


Jules said…
I really like this apron. So feminine and adorable - esp the top!

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