Monster under the Bed

Yesterday, I came home from work to find that our HV/AC was on the fritz. We moved into a new house last month, and of course, the air conditioning system was the only thing the home inspectors weren't able to check because the weather was so cold. Apparently, the temperature was low enough last night for the heat pump to kick in, and when it did, the air conditioner kicked into gear...sounding like a mixture between a dinosaur roaring, and a blacksmith pounding metal on metal.

Somehow, it is managing to keep our house warm, but the noise is ridiculous! All through the night, every time the temperature would drop below our set thermostat, the beast would roar, waking me from my shallow slumber. Boy was I glad when I woke this morning only to discover that we had a snow day. I'm beat.

So, now I'm torn between shelling out the dough to get the thing fixed and having a good night's sleep. What's the cost of rest? I mean, it IS heating our house... But surely the creature is keeping the neighbors awake too. Blast! Sometimes I hate modern conveniences!

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned fire place?


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