The Historical Sew Fortnightly

The Dreamstress is hosting The Historical Sew Fortnightly event this year.  It sounds like a fabulously fun, and motivating group sew.  I've fallen hard off of the sewing truck these past couple of months.  I do have an excuse...a legitimate one...we are trying to sell our house.  But, I've felt a giant hole in my life because of it...a huge lack of creativity is taking it's toll on me and making me feel a bit depressed.  One can only do so much living vicariously through other seamstresses before one goes mad with an itch that can't be scratched.  I simply must sew something historical.  

Obviously, because of my present circumstances, I won't be able to make a huge mess.  So, large projects are out of the question.  But, The Dreamstress has made the categories for this group sew-along broad enough that I'm sure I can find something small to do, that can be packed away quickly if someone wants to view our house at the last minute.  I'm also working on  a non-existent budget, so I will be only tackling projects that can be done with my current stash, or that can be bought with a $25 dollar gift card I have to Joanne's Fabric store.  Not much...but something is better than nothing.  I love that this event allows for smaller projects as well as large one, and it's always motivating working along side others.  I hope you will join in on the fun!


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