1884 Gown: Steampunk Version

Wow...what a crazy few weeks it has been!  I'm so sorry for my long blogging absence.  We decided to put our house on the market, and for anyone that's ever bought or sold a house, you know the stress that brings.  

As you can imagine, I haven't been able to do any kind of sewing.  The Steampunk tea was this past Sunday, but my 1884 ensemble wasn't complete by then...it still isn't.  The Gypsy Jacket isn't any further along than it was in the last post.  Between Realtors showing our house, and us looking for a new one, I haven't had the time to work on it, nor have I wanted to make a mess.

I did manage to make what I did have done work...or at least I think it worked.  I'll let you be the judge.

The party was fun, quirky and relaxing...great tea, costumes and a gathering of like-minded friends always is, isn't it.

Natalie's outfit was amazing.  But really now, should I have expected anything less from her?  There are many more photos of the event on her blog.  There are even a couple of the back side of my gown...in case you are curious as to how the bustle looked.

Carson was even brave enough to venture into the world of steampunk.  He wasn't supposed to be the only male there, but it turned out that he was.  Poor guy.  I hope we weren't too hard on him.  I think he might have liked all of the female attention.

My outfit consisted of all of my 1884 ensemble that was complete, plus my Regency habit shirt standing in for my unfinished Gypsy Jacket. 

 I accessorized with some chunky, Gothic style, leather boots, and a loose belt carrying all of my most necessary items (journal, sword, telescope and, of course, the elixir of immortality - of which I was charged to protect with my life, traveling through time if need be. Carson's job was to hunt me down, and to steal the secret recipe...I didn't go down without a fight...doesn't he look pure evil!)

We also had a steamship pinata...a very solidly made (my fault) steamship pinata.  SEVERAL attempts, and two sticks (because one broke) later, it finally busted open to reveal its bounty of candy.  

To catch a glimpse of the hilarity, check out Natalie giving the horrible thing its death blow.  
*Notice the exhaustion.*

Prayers and thoughts sent our way are greatly appreciated.  We've found a new (old) house that we love, and the offer we put on it has been accepted...but with the condition that we sell and close on our house first, by December 31st.  We need to find a buyer soon.  Once everything has settled down, I'm sure I'll be able to return to the Gypsie Jacket, and to life as I like it...predictable.


Gail said…
Love the video.
Donna said…
I loved seeing these pictures, what fun and interesting friends you have. I enjoy every detail of the clothing. Thank you so much for sharing!

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