I Think I'm In Love!

I think I'm in love...
...with this gown!

I was researching gowns from the second bustle era, to help me with my current project, and I stumbled upon this gown from The Met Museum site, dated 1885-1888.

Isn't it gorgeous!  I literally gasped when I saw it...the color, the texture, the (dare I say it) pleated skirt, with smocking, the removable pin-tucked neckline, interchangeable belt...and the asymmetrical draped over-skirt is to die for! I think I will file it away for a future dream project.  It might be my piece-de-resistance!

p.s. - the pictures aren't click-able links. please use the Met Museum link posted above to access the original photo source.


Diane said…
OK.. don't shoot me, but when I first saw this on FB I thought this was a picture of a Dalek (I'm choosing to blame the tiny thumbnail FB image and not my defective vision and/or wandering ADD mind.)
Lady D said…
it is fabulous. Love the colour and texture.
Sarah Rachelle said…
Whoa! That dress is stunning!! Totally drool worthy!
Cassidy said…
Ooh, I love that Arts & Crafts accent fabric, and that shade of blue.

I can't unsee the Dalek effect, though.

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