Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Busy Holiday Season & A New Year

Long time, no see...

(new glasses)

I have no real excuse for being an absentee blogger for the past two and a half months.  It's truly been a busy holiday season, with weekends full of hosting family and friends, ballet performances, and vacations.  In all of the glory, I haven't had the time, nor the creative inclination to do much more than read a book during any down time I've had.

(our Christmas tree)

(a cat in our tree)

With the coming of the new year, I'm hoping to simplify, and if I'm honest, blogging won't be a priority.  Sewing goals will be minimal in 2014.  I would like to finish the Jane Austen Quilt that my Mother-in-Law started a few years ago.  I also plan on finishing the Rev War area Jacket that I started in October.  Other than that...I'm unsure...I'll let life be life this year, and roll with it.

(our table dressed for Christmas tea with the ladies)

(laughter, love and food amongst friends)
I'll sign off this year with pictures taken over the past couple of months...a collage of my busy world. 

(my little Nutcracker star)

(Victorian Christmas ornaments)
 (Bodega Bay, CA)

 (a kitschy cafe based on the Hitchock cult film "The Birds.")

 (church where "The Birds" was filmed)

 (school house in "The Birds")

 (Sonoma Beach, CA)

 (wind-blown Jane)

 I hope you had a merry holiday season, and I wish you a bright new year.