Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monster under the Bed

Yesterday, I came home from work to find that our HV/AC was on the fritz. We moved into a new house last month, and of course, the air conditioning system was the only thing the home inspectors weren't able to check because the weather was so cold. Apparently, the temperature was low enough last night for the heat pump to kick in, and when it did, the air conditioner kicked into gear...sounding like a mixture between a dinosaur roaring, and a blacksmith pounding metal on metal.

Somehow, it is managing to keep our house warm, but the noise is ridiculous! All through the night, every time the temperature would drop below our set thermostat, the beast would roar, waking me from my shallow slumber. Boy was I glad when I woke this morning only to discover that we had a snow day. I'm beat.

So, now I'm torn between shelling out the dough to get the thing fixed and having a good night's sleep. What's the cost of rest? I mean, it IS heating our house... But surely the creature is keeping the neighbors awake too. Blast! Sometimes I hate modern conveniences!

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned fire place?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Laura's Emma Dress

I will soon be starting a new Regency Gown.  My friend Laura and I are planning on going to the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, KY this summer, and of course, we must be properly attired.  I will post later on what I will be wearing, but I wanted to show you the fabric I will be using on Laura's dress.  Last year, at the JA Festival, Laura found some BEAUTIFUL historic reproduction fabric, and she snatched it up as quickly as possible in the hopes that I would one day make her a gown out of it.  So, here is the fabric.  The first picture show's the size of the print, and the second picture show a better representation of the true color of the fabric.



I will keep you posted as the project progresses.

Cinderella Dress

I made a dress last fall for the daughter of a friend of mine.  It's supposed to be Cinderella dress...but I guess you could just call it a typical princess dress.  I was pleased with the results, but I didn't really think that the dress itself was all that grand.  However, recently I was shown some photos of the little girl in her new dress.  What a delight it is to see how happy a simple dress can make a little girl.  It is certainly grand in her eyes. Her mother and father said she adores dressing up as a Princess.  And doesn't she look the part!  What a sweet-heart!  What a Princess!

I should add that the pictures were taken by a wonderful up and coming photographer.  If you are in the area, you might want to contact her.  Here is her information.

Stephanie Lyell Photography

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Last night, we had some friends over for dinner.  I was in the mood to try out some new recipes I found on the Food Network for Spanish Tapas.  While everything turned out pretty good, one menu item really stood out.  Bacon Wrapped Dates!  They were that perfectly balanced combination of sweet, savory, creamy and crunchy.  What more could you ask for!  Sorry there aren't any pictures, we were so drawn to them, that they were in our mouths before we could even think about the camera.  They are VERY easy to make, but some people may not be able to find the ingredients unless you have a Whole Foods, or your grocery store carries specialty items.  The ingredients are simple:
Majool Dates
Toasted Almonds
Spanish Goat Cheese
Wooden Skewers

Cut the date open length-wise and take out the pit.  Replace the pit with a toasted almond, and fill the inside with goat cheese.  Close the date, and tightly wrap the outside with a half a slice of bacon.  Do this for each date.  Place 2 bacon wrapped dates per wooden skewer, and deep fry in a pot of oil heated to 400 degrees, for about 1 minute, or until the bacon is crispy.
Eat and Enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

3 going on 13

Is it possible that my 3 year old is already a tween?!?!  She says the craziest things.  Only this morning, as we were getting into the car, I asked her to climb up into her car seat...and she says, while rolling her eyes and sighing, obviously exasperated by her idiot mother,
"I KNOW mamma, I told you already, I KNOW how to get into my seat! I'm trying to find my phone? (reaches for her plastic play phone on the floorboard of the car) I need to call my friend Claire." 
 .....did that really just happen?!?!....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

first post

I'm not much of a writer, but I figured I should broaden my horizons and do what everyone else is doing these days... blogging.  Mostly, what you will see/read on this blog will be my musings over Jane Austen, Regency through Victorian times, books I've read, amuzing things my daughter or cat did, and historical sewing projects I'm currently working on.

The title of my blog, in case you are wondering, comes not only from my obsession with Jane Austen, but it is my daughter's middle name.  So, I am figuratively, and literally "Living with Jane."

Please feel free to leave appropriate comments.  Also, contact me if you like any of my sewing projects, or would like to commission me to make something for you.

Here are some pictures of my most recent sewing project.  I couldn't resist making my daughter Jane her very own Regency gown.  I used the Sense and Sensibility Pattern at this sight, and some beautiful Sari Fabric to make the gown.  It's lined with linen.  The sleeves are a variation on some darling split sleeves that I saw on a little child in a Regency portrait on this page.